Why you should invest in bespoke software

In business, many of us are often offered the world. Packages that promise the latest technology, ‘bargains’ that end up costing more than you anticipated, so it’s entirely understandable that you may be hesitant when it comes to deciding which investments are worth your time and money.

The debate around bespoke software is often unfairly included in this narrative.

That’s why we’re here to dispel any hesitance you may have for investing in bespoke software.

What is bespoke software?

To start with it’s crucial to establish what exactly bespoke software is.

Bespoke software is programming that is tailored to your business’ individual requirements. It may serve to be similar to aid in the customisation of a customer service system or it may be used to take advantage of any e-commerce systems and allow you to sell more efficiently, either way, bespoke software covers whatever it is you wish to imagine.

Often, people use bespoke software as opposed to off the shelf because it proposes a higher state of return.

Many people who invest in bespoke software often find that it eventually pays for itself, while others argue that while the upfront cost may seem daunting, it’s nothing compared to the staggered costs that are involved with fixing and installing off the shelf software.

However, this isn’t a battle between off the shelf software and bespoke, in fact, when they work together as a hybrid product, they can actually offer harmonious solutions that you may not have considered before.

Still, these two products work most frequently as independent entities. Ultimately, it depends on your sole needs.

The investment in your business

Although there is a larger upfront cost when paying for bespoke software than there is with off the self, what you receive in return is vast when in comparison.

Due to the nature of bespoke software, often many developers work closely with the business to understand the extent of what they need the programme to achieve. This relationship often lends itself as useful later especially if there are any repairs or upgrades to be made to the product.

The 1-2-1 relationship that you would have built between yourself and the developers allows for exclusive care and a stronger understanding of the product at hand.

But there needs to be trust between yourself and the developer, if you don’t believe in what they can offer you and the service of the product they’re delivering, then this will create unnecessary tension during the service.

The sole purpose of bespoke software is to tick your business’ needs and wants, this process is only made easier with clear communication and understanding.

The issues it solves

The benefits of bespoke software vary depending on what problems you may have.

As it says in the title bespoke software is completely unique to you. You have entire control of it, unlike with off the shelf software which jams everything you may possibly need into the programme (even though you may not use the majority of its capabilities), bespoke software is uniquely made for you.

Matching your working habits, increasing productivity and ease, and often, allowing you to adapt and tweak it as you see fit. Whereas off the shelf software may falter when it comes to following your precise working needs.

Current bespoke software has capabilities that off the shelf doesn’t, for example, matching and understanding how you work and supporting you through your daily tasks, if you so wish.

The options that come with bespoke software are as open as your imagination, just think of your dream software and the bespoke option will fit around it.

But bespoke software isn’t something for everyone, and of course, like any product there is flaws with it – high cost and a longer wait time for those with more intricate needs, for a few instances. However, it is proven that in long run those that invest and believe in the powers of bespoke software do see a higher return of profits.

Having a piece of software that completely fits your needs can only be a good thing, but it’s up to you to believe in the results it can yield, especially as it seems to be steadily celebrated by so many others.

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