The unspoken perk with bespoke software

There are many various perks as to why you would use bespoke software over off-the-shelf. For example, the flexibility of it, the customisation, and consistent support from the developers.

However, one aspect that often gets overlooked is the fact that in some cases a software company will create you a bespoke interface that you can white label.

The who, what, why

The term ‘white label’ is used to describe the process of when a company creates a product for another company, and then that company rebrands it and markets it as their own.

In typical instances, the creator of the product will lease or rent out the software to the buyer for a fee. The buyer then has the option to repackage this software and sell it onto others as their own.

The reason many companies sell white labelled software is because it’s often quicker to resell software already created, as opposed to having to invest in development.

Bespoke software

The whole concept of bespoke software is about crafting it to your unique needs.

If you have the time and budget to approach a developer about creating your ideal software, but you also want to list it as a white labelled product then this is a conversation you need to have as not all developers offer a white label service.

However, if the white label service is an option, then it may be in your interest to pursue it. After all, it is not uncommon to find your particular set of needs being sought after by another business.

By charging for white labelled content that you’ve already brought, you’re positioning your business as one that is an expert in the industry – and you’ll even have the software to support you in that statement.

Why would people offer a white label service?

Often, a business that sells white labelled content might find the move a good one in terms of PR. As their selling of the software reinforces the image of their business as being reliable, independently-minded, while also offering them another avenue of profit.

Alongside this, it also allows them to garner more revenue on a product they otherwise would have had only a one-time sale with.

This allows their product to go further distances. Instead of selling it off once, their developed product can be repurchased and used by others.

Although they may not be known as the original source of the creation, if there are any options for follow-up creations or updates, then it is most likely that the original creator will be the one contacted to carry that project out.

Many people overlook white labelled software, however, they do so at their own disinterest. Although there are negatives for all the people in the white label chain, the benefits tend to outweigh them drastically.

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