How to COVID-proof your business with bespoke software

If we’ve all learnt one thing from COVID it’s that you can never be too sure what’s coming around the corner next. That’s why, now more than ever, it’s important to protect your business from the impact of another pandemic or worldwide disaster.


As a result of the pandemic, the world has had to resort to communicating online. Everything has moved onto Zoom (or a similar platform) and for good reason, but how do you replicate the feeling of workplace comradery when everything is digital?

By using bespoke software, you can build your infrastructure around human connection. Whether that’s scheduling regular team building sessions over video call, or creating automatic ‘coffee breaks’ for people to chat with their colleagues for just a moment.

Connection can exist online, it’s just important that you’re creative with it. Bespoke software offers you the flexibility to achieve that.

Praise and acknowledgement

While the working environment of which we live in continues to feel fraught, it’s important that your staff understand when they’re doing a good job, and the safety status of that job.

By having a system implanted that allows you to see how your staff are getting on with their work – without micromanaging them, which can be achieved with bespoke software – you’ll be able to use this process as a way to praise them.

It’ll be that praise that makes the difference between a happy workforce and an unhappy one.


For many people, the pandemic has resulted in redundancies.

However, if you begin to use technology and bespoke software in the right way, then there’s no reason as to why you can’t regulate your employees’ happiness levels.

By including feedback forms in your company design then you’ll be able to monitor how your employees’ attitudes change depending on the movements of outside sources, such as the pandemic.


Now more than ever, companies need to consider their budget options.

It’ll be this that keeps you afloat during the pandemic, and hopefully, get you on track so you can build a successful and sustainable future.

With bespoke software you can cater your business plans to monitor your incoming and outgoing funds, and survey whether or not the rate of your expenditure aligns with your profit. If it doesn’t, then our software will be able to alert and notify you so that you can make the appropriate amendments.


While many companies already have steps in place to account for sick days, in a time of COVID, having a transparent system (with those who feel comfortable with that) in place is a chance to create an open work environment.

One where people wouldn’t feel ashamed or at risk of admonishment for being ill. It’s natural that people may need more time off than usual, and if you acknowledge and help employees to find a way to balance work, childcare, or mental health issues the happiness of your company with soar in the long run.

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